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Stickball Hall Of Fame Game Hosted By Brooklyn Cyclones

What an amazing weekend! It was my honor and thrill to have joined Jay Cusato and his Stickball team from South Brooklyn as they played the NYPD in a charity event to raise money for the widows of the NYPD Officers. What made it more exciting was the fact the game was played at Maimonides Park in Coney Island, home of the New York Mets-affiliated Brooklyn Cyclones, a stadium that holds 7,000 people, we hit the big leagues now!

Jay not only organized the event but is also the film director of the documentary  “When broomsticks were king” and so as we battled it out on the field, the big screen played the move for the fans and players to enjoy.

All and all it couldn’t have been any better and we would like to thank Jay and all the players of the South Brooklyn Team as well as the NYPD officers and fans that came out this weekend, we couldn’t have done it without you!